It might be a moment that you have to yourself that you hear that whisper,

“hey, you're meant for something more”

Sometimes, you can ignore that voice but that voice... it’s unrelenting.

You start to feel uneasy. You start to realise that the “easy" life, just won’t do.

You can no longer stand being mediocre. So you create a new standard for your life. 

That moment of truth brings you to another level.

You realise just how extraordinary you are.

As you adjust to this new world of endless possibilities, you start to feel fear.

You try to fight it and most of the time, you win.

But still, the journey is wrought with uncertainty, self-doubt and at times, great despair. 

The isolation can be too much at times. You feel as though no one understands you. 

Try as you may to muster up the strength to keep going, it can feel too much at times.

I get it.

I may not even know you, but I can feel what you’re trying to achieve. 

And I just want you to know that there are others just like you. 

They can see that same glimmer in your eye that, you were meant for something more.

As much as the top of the mountain can seem impossible at times, there have been superwomen that have done it.

And here’s a little secret




Those we see as successful, didn’t rise on their power alone. 

They had support along the way. They had people who believed in them and showed them that they were the only person in this world to bring their unique potential in the world. All of the things that they manifested and created came as a result of those who believed in them and gave them what they needed to keep going.

And when we reach the top, we’ll look back and realise that we’ve paved a pathway for somebody else, struggling like we once did. 

We’ll show them that it is possible. 

But most of all, we'll realise that the top wasn’t that far away after all and all we needed was some people with us along the way.

This is why The League exists.

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